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Richard Pennington (리처드 패닝턴)

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Yes, the above is yours truly, circa 1959, when I was growing up in Dallas, Texas. I consider myself blessed to have lived in Korea for the past eight years. During that time I have been all over the southern half of the peninsula, read extensively about its history and culture, made friends, loved children, advised students, listened to pansori music, run marathons and formed an NGO that seeks the repatriation of one of Korea's most significant overseas treasures—Jikji. My recently published autobiography is entitled A Seoul Miscellany / Memories and Analyses, Critiques and Musings of Richard Pennington.

I am still involved in the land of my birth, of course. For example, I am leading a campaign to have Abner Haynes (North Texas State, 1956-59) inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame. As the first black athlete at an erstwhile European-American school in the South, he is fully deserving. Little Abner could also play some ball. 

Living in a foreign country is inherently stressful, but it is also thrilling. Many times when I walk outside of my officetel in Gangnam, I look around at all the people, the hustle and bustle and sheer urban activity, and find myself thinking how great it is. In November 2007, I left behind one life in the USA and took up another here. As a foreigner and expat, I am sometimes given special consideration. Just as often, however, I am excluded, left out and even ignored. There is a lot of both. By the same token, I may seem like a Korea-phile but not always. I am not blind to the country's numerous problems. Where, after all, are you gonna find perfection?

On the subpages of this website, you will learn what I have done and where I have gone, my likes, dislikes, passions and prejudices. Please take a look at what I have written and the photos appertaining thereto, and do not hesitate to offer comments. I welcome dialogue with people from far and wide.

My e-mail addy is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


My Books

It's a sad fact that none of my books have won the Pulitzer Prize or sold more than a million copies, but I am proud of each one. The first came out in 1987 and the most recent in 2015. All but three of them have pertained exclusively to sports history--football, basketball, baseball, track and even hockey.

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Other Writings

To be quite honest, I never thought I would become such a prolific writer. I sometimes fear that I overload my friends with stuff I have written. I hardly know what to say in response, since I am interested in many things and like stating my views. If a subject interests me and it's not too far above my head, I write about it. There is a backlog of other things I plan to cover.