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Richard Pennington (리처드 패닝턴)

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Yes, the above is yours truly, circa 1959. I am a Texan, but it is my outrageous good fortune to live and work in the heart of Seoul, one of the biggest, densest and most dynamic cities in Asia. Although my experience as an expat—beginning in Daegu in November 2007—may not be all that unique, I am working on a book, my 19th, which delves into my travels (north, south, east and west), what I’ve seen and how I’ve coped on the fringes of this tightly knit society. I am glad I came to Korea, and I have no idea when or even whether I will be returning to the US of A.

On the subpages of this website, you will find all sorts of information about my successes, failures, opinions and biases. Please take a look at what I have written and the photos appertaining thereto, and don’t hesitate to offer comments and critiques. I enjoy having dialogue with people from far and wide.

My e-mail addy is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


My Books

It's hard to believe that none of my books has reached the top of the New York Times bestseller list, but I am proud of each one. The first came out in 1987 and the most recent in 2014. All but three of them have pertained to sports history--football, basketball, baseball, track and even hockey.

  • Travels of an American-Korean, 2008–2013


    My intra-Korean excursions began on a small scale and very tentatively. I was a newbie who had a one-year contract at a… read on

  • Breaking the Ice / Racial Integration of Southwest Conference Football


    My journalism career had scarcely begun in 1984. Sure, I had seen a few articles published in the Daily Texan and some… read on

  • “For Texas, I Will” / The History of Memorial Stadium


    The genesis of this book can be traced to a comment made by my brother Randy in the summer of 1976. He was visiting me in… read on